Yeni Şafak English
Yeni Şafak English


Yeni Şafak was established in 1995 with the motto, “Turkey’s accumulation,” and never compromised on this principle in its publications. The values it represented, the dedicated efforts of employees and newspaper owners, and the courage it exudes soon earned the paper a name in the media world.

At the time when Yeni Şafak was established, a significant portion of Turkey’s riches and values were not represented in the current media and Yeni Şafak filled this gap. There was not a platform to expose injustices, so Yeni Şafak became the voice of the weak and the outcast. It was the home for independent journalists who sought to spread the truth. The paper played a significant role in the political, social and legal developments taking place in Turkey over the last 25 years with critical news programs, comments and attitudes.

When the coup on February 28 took place only two years after its establishment, it became the most important stronghold in the struggle. It stood against the junta, politicians, businessmen, NGOs and, most importantly, the media that defended the February 28 coup. It became a safe haven for the journalists, authors, academicians, politicians and NGOs fleeing the pressure from those defending the February 28 coup.

Yeni Şafak undertook critical roles during the 2000s, in the midst of democratization and the establishment of the political tutelage in Turkey. It revealed the backstage machinations behind the coup, and defended the politics. Yeni Şafak still carries the bitter pride of being the first media platform to announce the coup attempt on July 15, 2016, to call for citizens to take a stance and to have lost an employee to this cause.

Yeni Şafak, as in the past, will continue on its path as a brave and honest publication, guided by national and spiritual values, defending the democracy.