We believe each book is a world and each library is a universe of worlds. With this in mind, we set off in March 2018 to build a library that we call Ketebe Publishing. Our purpose was to blend knowledge with aesthetic, imagination with reality, and the common values of humanity with the values of our civilization. We adopted international standards as the basis of our publications and continue to build on this approach to become the intellectual gateway of Turkey to the world.

Our publishing policy is to welcome distinctive works of Turkish literature, young authors, quality work that will intrigue researchers and enthusiasts of our rich history, current and classical texts of world literature, products of thinking minds, and must-haves and the yet-to-be-discovered values of our spiritual history.

Recently, Ketebe Publishing further expanded its vast array with Ketebe Çocuk, publishing with the promise of quality and safe content for children, the assurance of our future.

We, as Ketebe Publishing, belong to a civilization that honors books, paper and words, and we will follow our principles with the motto, “everything fades, yet the written word remains.”